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Domain Name Registration

The first step in creating an Internet presence is to establish a domain name for your site. We provide free registration services for our clients. Annual fees run only $10 per year but it is important to pay these fees annually to ensure that you are able to continue using your domain name for many years in the future.

Custom Web Site Design

Our specialty! Before we begin offering ideas and designs for your new web site, we have a few questions to ask. We take time to learn about your business priorities, products, services, customers and marketing requirements.

We also make every effort, if you desire, to integrate your new web site with the design of existing materials. Or you may use the designs we produce to create a whole new set of sales materials and collaterals for your business.

Site Redesign & Upgrades

Many of our customers first come to us because they are less than happy with the design of their current web site and want a more professional look to represent their business.

The cost of redesigning an exising web site depends on the size of the site. For a small site, this can be a little as a few hundred dollars... a bargain to be sure your company is presented at its best!

Web Site Hosting

NetPresence can provide web hosting for your web site, along with e-mail services, statistic reports, autoresponders and other tools to help you manage your web pages or online store.

If you have a preferred ISP, we can also set up your web site for you with any web hosting company. If you need advice regarding web hosting options, please call us at 510-581-1104.

Search Engine Optimization

How your site ranks on Internet search engines can make a huge difference in the success of your web site. The time to start planning for search engine ranking is BEFORE your pages are created. NetPresence helps you build for success with many secret SEO tips.

After your web site is up and running, we will register your site with the leading Internet search engines.

Site Maintenance

NetPresence provides web site maintenance for clients who would like help keeping their web site updated.

If your company has small updates or infrequent updates, just call us to schedule web maintenance time. Our minimum charge is $50 for 30 minutes of web page update time.

We look forward to serving you.

Please call (510) 581-1104 or send e-mail to webmaster@netpresence.com.


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